Staying With the Times: Know Your Target Audience

Staying With the Times: Know Your Target Audience

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way brands reach their customers. From research to analysis and strategy to execution, customers are the central part of every process. A product simply can’t succeed if the right people aren’t there to buy it, which is why brands invest significant resources in understanding their needs, wants and behaviors to influence purchase decisions.

So what constitutes a target audience analysis? Let’s take a look:

Audience Analysis

Audience analysis starts with research as you try and understand a number of metrics including but not limited to personal preferences, interests, age, gender, salary and nature of work. To get actionable insights and then persuade people to buy a product, you need to know their motivation behind it.

The analysis helps you to build a buyer persona but the process can be painstakingly complicated, both in terms of time, money and human resources. This is why we provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions to new and struggling businesses who can’t afford to do it all alone.

With the use of advanced software programs and analytical tools, audience identification and analysis has become an efficient process to boost product sales. But is that the only reason brands require audience analysis? Of course, not!

What is the Need of Audience Analysis?

For starters, audience analysis is the keystone of a successful marketing strategy—online or offline. You can have the best product and a topnotch strategy but if you don’t know where you should direct them to, you’ll fail.

You want the right people to consider your brand and buy your products and that’s where audience analysis comes in. When you know the how, when and where of reaching out, you can convert interest into action and increase buying intent among potential customers.

Reduce Costs

The fast paced nature of internet and consumers requires brands to quickly adapt and grow. When you know your audience, you can effectively change gears for ads, SEO techniques and content strategy as advertising channels and products change.

Outperform Competition

Poor targeting not only leads to poor leads and conversions but also makes it impossible to reach out to potential customers that might be interested in your products.

On the other hand, audience analysis is beneficial in both of these aspects and helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Relevant Content

When you know what the audience wants, you’ll give it to them. It’s as simple as that. Due to context, your content needs to vary across different platforms even when you’re targeting the same audience. You can change the strategy and put out highly relevant and context appropriate content that will bring leads and sales, when you understand audience’s behavior in different online spaces.

Customer Engagement

Internet, technology and access to information on the fingertips means customers get bored easily. They want better products, unique content and more attention. The Engagement Gap report suggests that more than 50% of target audiences believe that businesses have no understanding of their needs.

This gap creates a huge opportunity for businesses to invest and rely on audience analysis for higher success.

Data Collection for Audience Analysis

Traditional methods of audience analysis were complex but big data, market insights and digital tools have made it easier to collect and analyze target audience information for improved audience analysis.

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Here are 4 ways to access information for audience analysis.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics set up on your website, you can collect demographics of website visitors, products and pages they access, and whether they’re visiting for the first time or are returning visitors. With Google Analytics, you can also collect information like the type of technology being used (mobile or laptop) as well as geo location.

Tracking Affinities

How can you find out the interests of your audience against the rest of the world? Through affinities! Affinities help brands understand the unique preferences of their consumers allowing for narrow targeting and direct advertising of specific products.

Facebook Insights

Facebook pages offer special insight sections where you can filter and analyze data within minutes. To understand potential and current customers better, you can understand interest through likes and comments all while being able to collect demographic data as well.

Instagram Insights

Data on likes, comments, followers, impressions and profile visits are just a few things Instagram’s business accounts offer. This is especially helpful to understand the type of content that attracts most visitors and generates leads.

Instagram stories are another powerful data collection tool where you can run polls, conduct quizzes and ask questions to stay connected and better understand audience needs.

Using Audience Analysis in Digital Marketing

A quality audience analysis helps you stay focused and prevents you from adopting a general approach. A comprehensive analysis will help you with everything from Facebook ads to landing pages to building quality and interactive SEO content.

You can use the data to build and promote new products, achieve conversions and improve online sales.

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