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When we manage your Google Adwords campaigns we focus on the highest possible ROI


The Formula: Spend Less, For More Clicks

When you need immediate sales, a Google Adwords service provider can help.

Our PPC advertising team in Edmonton, Alberta, gets your company clicks and impressions from day 1, driving fresh streams of traffic to your website, so that you can start selling.

Any great digital marketing specialist will tell you that paid search is essential for SEO, and getting the promotion and marketing of your brand off the ground.

Here’s the kicker though!

Anyone can run a Google Adwords campaign – but only the best Adwords management companies will progressively discover high value terms to capitalize on, so that your ad spend results in more clicks, more often. We don’t just manage your campaigns, we optimize them.

Our Unique Search Engine Marketing Process

Here’s how we work to amplify your Adwords results:

  • On-going keyword optimization means that we maximize revenue and minimize spend
  • We study your customer behaviour metrics to isolate key sales levers, then we pull them
  • You get personalized reporting on your key performance indicators
  • We use a world-class suite of specialized tools to fine-tune your paid search advertising
  • We work on your definition of success, mapping out the metric goals you want to achieve
  • We double-down on successful metrics, because numbers don’t lie
  • We track, analyse and manage seasonal changes, looking out for conversion fluctuations
  • We take customer devices into account, to enhance messaging for those platforms

Benchmarking, Reporting and Analytics

As your Google Adwords service provider, we will demystify your search data, translating it into actionable insights for you.

This is a far cry from the one-click automated reporting systems so many Google Adwords agencies use. These instant solutions make decision-making impossible!

No client wants to wade through data looking for opportunities that should already be outlined by their chosen management company.

We will help you make sense of your marketing data!

Our Google Adwords managers will analyze your data, to benchmark what works so that it can be improved upon – and every month we will send you personalized reports stating in clean, simple terms what we discovered, and why we changed direction or tested something new.

Our reporting gives you the exact details you need to make smart decisions about your data. We draw the insights for you, leaving nothing a mystery. Let our Google Adwords service providers reshape the way you engage with your search data!

  • Get detailed traffic source reporting to know where your customers come from
  • Discover how your paid search advertising is performing and how to improve it
  • Receive excellent SEO insights and reports on your site and content

Put Your Search Data to Work Right Away

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