Readying Your Google AdWords Campaign For Hanukkah!

Readying Your Google AdWords Campaign For Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is the eight-day Jewish festival that honors the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem. It’s celebrated by the Jewish communities in Canada.

People rejoice by eating oil-based foods, playing games of dreidel, and—most importantly—giving gifts to their loved ones.

Unfortunately, many people shopping for Hanukkah experience difficulty in finding the gifts as most brands are more focused on Christmas shoppers.

High demand, uncaptured market—now, that’s an ideal scenario for you to jump in and maximize your revenue during the festive season.

This blog will discuss how to design a Google Ad campaign for Hanukkah that will drive sales and appeal directly to Hannukah shoppers.

Know your target audience… better!

The success of your Google AdWords campaign is highly dependent on your ability to address your target audience.

Choosing the right target audience can be difficult, even more so during the holiday season.

Most marketers make the mistake of targeting the same audience that they pay attention to throughout the year.

However, it’s not the best option if you want to maximize their sales during the wintertime festival of lights.

In Canada, people buy gifts for Hanukkah in a way similar to Christmas. Men are looking for women’s gifts and vice versa. Also, people buy a gift for their parents, grandparents, and friends, etc.

Therefore, it’s important to strategize and conduct comprehensive keyword analysis and use more general phrases in your Google Ad campaign.

You’d be surprised to see that the keywords that didn’t gain good results during the year will see growth with the onset of Hanukkah.

Create separate campaigns and add phrases like “gift for men/women”, “Hanukkah gifts”, “perfect gift for Hanukkah,” etc.

Here are 4 advanced AdWords audience targeting tactics you might find useful.

 People working in a group

Fine-tune the Ad campaign—don’t miss out on the details!

When it comes to holiday shopping—especially for Christmas and Hanukkah—small details matter a lot. Probably way more than you think.

Paying attention to trivial details can help you to reach more audience and boost your sales, that too without paying extra money.

For starters, you should incorporate Hanukkah-specific keywords in the headline1 and path1. Also, change the headline2 and description to fit the Hanukkah theme.

Also, show Hanukkah discounts, Hanukkah decoration, and guarantee the timely shipment of products—the latter being the most crucial aspect that buyers are concerned about.

Finally, update your Google AdWords extensions to Hanukkah benefits, coupons, and discounts to push your ad higher in the search results.

Target international shoppers—expand your global footprint

International online shopping has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years, particularly during the festive season.

It presents a great opportunity for you to expand your customer base and target a global audience in your Google AdWords campaign.

The good thing about Google AdWords is that it allows you to target specific countries with the same language and automatically convert the prices in the user’s local currency.

This way, your business will be able to grow and add a global footprint, which will pay dividends throughout the year.

Final words

It’s understandable that your primary marketing efforts are geared toward X-mas shoppers, but, you can maximize your holiday seasons by targeting the ignored Hanukkah market by putting some of your marketing efforts towards catering to their needs.

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