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From conversion rates and branding to SEO and traffic, your website’s design has a significant impact on your business’s online presence. With years of experience in creating over 254 websites and optimizing over 80,000 links, we know what works to attract the right customers! Apart from SEO services and digital content creation, we also offer web design and development services that expand your audience and help you get more clicks.

Our marketing company in Edmonton can help amplify your marketing efforts with a web design that goes hand in hand with your brand. A responsive web design not only affects your search rankings but also builds trust with your customer. After all, brand elements like logos, trademarks and tag lines are all ways in which your customer remembers you.

Our team of specialized web developers and designers will help you create an impactful online presence with smart visuals. We capture your brand’s essence in unique elements to effectively communicate who you are as a brand. Moreover, the site’s code is responsive and clean, geared for SEO and increased opt-ins. From cross-browser compatibility and fast loading to easy navigation and built-in content management system, we help make your online presence look great across every device!

Considering that the adoption of digital technology is at an ever-increasing rate, we’ve updated and streamlined our mobile marketing strategies to extend your local reach. Our responsive web design not only brings in more mobile traffic but also offers an excellent user experience. Web pages that take longer than three seconds frustrate visitors to the point of no return, which is why we ensure that your site uses modern techniques of responsive image display to improve the site’s loading speed.

Digital marketing experts believe that a responsive web design is as important to search engine optimization as unique content. Apart from better bounce rates and stronger backlinks, a single website avoids the issue of content duplication, translating into improved search rankings.

As a leading SEO Company in Edmonton, we keep up with insecurities of the IT world by ensuring that your online business remains secure. We use a myriad of security plug-ins and SSL encryption to keep your valuable data away from the hands of unwanted hackers.

Furthermore, after launching your website, we offer a free 30-day evaluation to our clients while we performance test your website for improvements — we’re a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs!

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