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Crystal Glass Case Study

Crystal Glass has been in the glass repair business since 1949, dealing in the repair and replacement of auto glass, windshields, residential and commercial glass. With the help of Devebyte’s unique content for the website and link building. A direct traffic increment of 20.75% was seen on the website in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Using the right keywords for the website, Devebyte has been able to bring users to the site through Google’s top 100 organic search results. Get similar or even better results for your business by hiring Devebyte’s services.

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Keywords Before SEO Now
car windshield replacement Whitecourt Not Ranked 1
commercial glass repair Fort Saskatchewan Not Ranked 1
Automotive glass repair Not Ranked 3
affordable windshield repair Sherwood Park Not Ranked 1

Read the engaging content that we’ve created for Crystal Glass’ blog:

Content Developed

Tips & Tricks for Aluminum Glass Door Maintenance

Caring for the aluminum glass doors in your residential or commercial property saves a lot of time and money. And proper maintenance requires periodic completion

How to Prevent Sandblasted Windshields

Windshield cracks and chips are a common occurrence in cars. Many people have experienced them, and insurance companies broadly cover their damage.

Windshield Rock Chips: Causes & Prevention

Thousands of Canadians file windshield repair and replacement claims every year. And the most common cause of the windshield damage is rock chips.

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Faber LLP Case Study

Faber LLP has been providing auditing, tax management and business consultancy service since 2000. Initially, the business struggled to achieve conversations using conventional marketing tactics. After partnering with Devebyte, they’ve been able to capture more space on the digital landscape.

Their keyword rankings have gone from being unranked to being listed in the top 2 pages of Google search.
More than 1700 users have been able to find the business’s listing by searching either the category, product or services online. Your business could share a similar success story with the help of our tried and tested SEO techniques.

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Keywords Before SEO Now
corporate reorganizations Edmonton 7 1
trust planning Edmonton 70 1
cpa firms edmonton 49 12
accounting firms in edmonton alberta Not Ranked 13

Check out some of the most popular posts that we’ve created for Faber LLP:

Content Developed

3 Services Your Accountant Can Provide for Your Business

Whether you’re the owner of a small- or a large-scale business, you need to handle many business accounting aspects. These accounting and management aspects can often deplete your time and energy.

3 Key Steps to Follow When Planning Your Taxes

Tax planning is the analysis of an individual or a corporation’s financial position to ensure tax efficiency. Tax planning helps people and businesses utilize tax breaks and reduce their tax liabilities legitimately

5 Important Financial Decisions to Review Before the Year Ends

The year-end is a hectic time for businesses. In between striving to maximize profit and preparing reports

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Contact Instruments Case Study

Contact Instruments is one of Canada’s few drilling instrumentation manufacturers, having been in the business for over 90 years. The brand did not share the same success online until it acquired the services of Devebyte. Our back-linking activities have yielded immense success for the business, bringing keywords to the number 1 rank, which were previously not even within the top 200 on search engines. Despite the disruption due to COVID, we’ve been able to generate great results with the help of SEO.

Devebyte’s SEO services ensure that businesses see a change in their rankings, helping them increase their conversions and make an impact.

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A change in keyword rankings for Contact Instruments in the USA

Keywords Before SEO Now
oem drilling instrumentation Not in 200 1
Type F Standpipe Pressure Gauges Not in 200 1
Midget Weight Indicators Not in 200 2

How far the keyword rankings for Contact Instruments have come in Canada

OEM Brass Wear rings Not in 200 1
Electronic Coil Tubing Weight Indicator Not in 200 1

Check out some of the content we’ve created for Contact Instruments that has been generating great traction:

Content Developed

The Worst Offshore Oil Rig Disasters In History

Over the past few oil extraction has become markedly safer. Studies now show that oil extraction is now safer than many occupations like agriculture and nursing.

What You Need to Know About Floating Cities

Offshore oil platforms are some of the largest human-made structures in the world. Reaching down to around 30,000 feet, many of these rigs would put the world’s

3 Exciting Facts About Oil Drilling

The presence of oil has led to enormous shifts in the world, shifts that have led to the rise of some nations, and fall for others.

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New Image Cosmetic Case Study

Designed for nurturing and renewal, New Image Cosmetic is Edmonton’s only medically-directed luxury cosmetic spa. They have experienced therapists and estheticians who deliver an array of cutting-edge spa treatments and services, including signature massage, facial, and pedicure.

Alberta’s recent recession negatively impacted the business of New Image Cosmetics. The company relied on its existing clientele and saw a decline in sales. They wanted to target a broader audience and convert them into paying customers.

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