Talk Is Cheap! Why Words Are Not Enough

Talk Is Cheap! Why Words Are Not Enough

“Content is king!”

“Quality content is necessary to boost your SEO.”

“Unique quality content boosts your visibility!”

You might have come across several bits of advice like these when trying to get your website to rank better on search engine pages or while creating an online marketing strategy for your brand.

While all of these statements are quite true to a certain extent, good content alone isn’t enough. There are so many factors that come into play when you’re looking to boost your SEO rankings, including page speed, user experience, links, domain, authority, and mobile-friendliness, among others.

Why Words Are Not Enough

Stats show that over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day, so it’s really easy for your content to get lost in the crowd. Even though you may attempt to cover topics that aren’t covered and come up with new and unique ways to attract the viewers; the truth is, it’s very difficult to stand out from the competition in the online arena.

In fact, marketing content doesn’t get as much engagement as you might expect. A study showed that over 75% of all published content never earns a single social share. This shows that the chances of improving the credibility and receiving a hard number of shares for your content are roughly 25%, which isn’t enough to bank your entire marketing strategy on.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is very simple. Instead of solely relying on written content for your website, you should consider incorporating visuals along with your content to ensure that you’re able to communicate your message effectively across the multiple marketing platforms and also engage the users that visit your website.

Visuals elements involve using images and videos to deliver valuable information to the visitors on your website. They are concise, more engaging, and grab the attention of the viewers, particularly those with a short attention span. Infographics and inspiring texts are also a form of visual elements that are used by brands to promote their content.

Moreover, they are consumed more easily and faster by the users as humans perceive visual content better. In fact, according to a team of neuroscientists from MIT, it takes less than 13 milliseconds for a human brain to process an image. Now, compare that with reading text, which requires processing letters into words, and then into sentences to make sense of it.

That being said, using visuals alone aren’t going to help you promote your brand. It’s critical that you use a combination of high-quality and unique written content along with your visuals to maximize the leads and attract visitors to visit and actually stay on your website.

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Why Visuals are a Better Choice

They show realistic details that sell

High-res photos and interesting videos help you connect with your audience more effectively as they get to experience something that’s existent and happening out there in the real world. Adding the right visuals on your website can literally make or break your online marketing campaign.

For instance, if you sell chocolate cakes then instead of describing how good your chocolate cake is, adding the pictures and a video of cutting through the scrumptious cake and serving a slice of divine goodness will tantalize the taste buds of your visitors and they’re more likely to place an order with you.

Visual content gets more shares

When was the last time you shared an article with your friends? Exactly! And what was the last time you shared a media like a video of a cat playing the piano or Gordon Ramsay making a cheeseburger? Probably today or yesterday, right?

The rationale is simple: visual content gets shared a lot, especially on social media.

Most brands use content creators who make engaging and entertaining videos to promote their business as they get viral on the internet and reach to a larger audience. Not only is it share more easily, but users actually spend more time consuming such types of content, instead of reading large chunks of text.

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Media content is the best way to deliver a powerful message

Consumers all around the world rely on the internet heavily to make a judgment about brands, whether they’re looking to shop online or personally visit a store, be it for beauty products or food items. Convincing them to buy your product by writing blocks of texts is unlikely to help you.

On the other hand, using a powerful image and influential videos will help you communicate the message of your brand and help them understand your vision. Depending on your niche, you can use humour and interesting elements to make it more appealing to users. This will help them learn about your brand and allow them to develop a stronger connection.

Bonus Feature: Using Visuals to Promote Content

The content available on your website can be turned into various types of rich media, such as gifs, infographics, photos, and videos. This will help you promote your existing content and make it more appealing for a wider range of audience. For instance, people who are looking for quick solutions can scan through the infographic, while those looking for additional information can refer to the written piece of content that’s more comprehensive and detailed.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it’s 2019 and content alone won’t help you succeed in the highly-saturated and competitive online market. Therefore, it’s important to add visual elements in your website and marketing strategy to ensure that your business is able to stand out among the rest of the competition.

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