What Your Website Should Say About You

What Your Website Should Say About You

The website of your business speaks volume about your business. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what your website communicates to its visitors. Have you ever considered what the first thing is that comes to your mind when you’re viewing your website? If it isn’t the word “awesome”, then there’s definitely room for improvement.

When you’re trying to improve your website, the main idea is to ensure that it provides a positive web experience to your customers. Therefore, you need to understand the impression it creates on the minds of visitors. Once you figure that out and design your website accordingly, success will follow automatically.

Here’s what your website should say about you:

Who You Are and What You Do

Firstly, and most importantly, your website should be able to communicate your story effectively. It should clearly state who you are and what products or services you offer to the visitors. This will help them learn about your business and move forward with confidence in your brand.

Conversely, if your website has ambiguous information and the content is all over the place, the visitor is likely to leave your website and probably to your competitor. In fact, once on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors try to find information about the products or services that the company offers.

Therefore, the description of your business should be clear and laser-focused so that the visitors don’t get confused and are able to understand your business.

You Want To Impress Them

Your website should contain an attractive design so you can make a great first impression on visitors. It will show them that you take pride in what you do and are willing to go the extra mile to create a positive impression of your brand. It will also show them that you really care about your audience and aren’t shy to invest in your business.

Now, you can’t quite literally write that you want to impress them, but what you can do is have your website designed by hiring professionals to ensure it’s aesthetically appealing and well-designed without compromising on functionality.

According to a survey by Adobe, two out of three people prefer to read something that’s designed aesthetically instead of reading something written in plain text. Remember, you don’t have to try too hard; a minimalistic but well-designed website can take you a long way in turning leads into conversions.

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You Care About the User Experience

User experience is one of the most critical aspects of a website that heavily influence whether visitors on your website are going to stay on your website or move on to another one. 39% of people will close a web page if it has slow loading speeds. There are some key elements of good UX, for instance, you should try to simplify your visitor’s journey by using a time-saving design for your website.

Similarly, the content should be organized and be readily available to users. In addition to that, the content should also be personalized based on their geo-location. Furthermore, adding voice-based interactive features and videos can help to provide more immersive and humanized user experience to the visitors.

Therefore, your website should provide a bug-free and fast user experience; along with the aforementioned elements (not necessarily all of them). It will demonstrate to the visitors that you value their time and are willing to spend money to provide a high-quality user experience, which will make them stay much longer on your website.

You Know Your Audience

It’s important that your website has relevant and specific content to your niche or industry that your business operates in. Not only will it help your SEO endeavours, but it’ll also help you to tailor the content and design elements of your website to your target audience. Consequently, you will deliver more relevant content to the visitors of your website.

This will show your visitors that you’ve done your homework and actually know your audience; thus they’ll be able to understand your business better. Also, it will give your website more credibility and help communicate your message across more effectively, saving time for both your business and the visitors.

You Don’t Live In a Cave

More and more people have access to smartphones nowadays, which can perform pretty much everything a computer can when it comes to surfing the internet. Hence the usage of desktop PCs has decreased tremendously. So it comes as no surprise that 63% of online traffic in the United States comes from smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website plays an instrumental role in the effectiveness of your website. Creating a mobile-friendly and optimized website will help illustrate that you are aware of the needs of your visitors and actually work hard to make your website easily accessible across multiple devices.

69% of smartphone users stated that they’re more likely to purchase from brands that maintain a mobile-friendly website and address their questions or concerns more promptly.


So let’s recap: there are five important aspects of creating an effective website that portrays your business in a positive way and makes it welcoming for the visitors:

  1. Your website should explain your business, especially who you are and what you offer to your clients.
  2. Your website should show that you actually care about the impression you’re giving off to your visitors.
  3. Your website should provide a seamless user experience and demonstrate that you value their time.
  4. Your website should say that—well, not literally—that you actually know your target audience and that you’ve got your priorities right.
  5. Your website design should be optimized for mobile devices to show that you actually care about facilitating the visitors.

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Final Thoughts

All of this may sound a bit overwhelming to you. After all, balancing and incorporating all of these ideas on your website is a time-consuming and intricate task. There’s why it’s important that you hire a professional service to design and develop your website.

Ideally, you should pick a service provider that also offer digital marketing services to provide an ultimate web experience to your visitors and maximize leads for your business.

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