Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Expert

Why You Need to Hire a Social Media Expert

According to estimates, more than 3.48 billion people across the globe are avid users of social media. And given the current digital environment, the fact that this number is expected to rise by at least 288 million users every year is no surprise at all!

When it comes to Canada and social media use, though, research states that virtually every Canadian with access to the internet actively uses at least one social media site. Social media—which was originally intended to serve as a means for communication between like-minded individuals—has quickly turned into the place for marketing and advertising, especially after marketers realized how it could help them promote their products to their targeted audience effectively.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

A report published by SOCIALscape states that 56% of the people in the surveyed population said that they use social media to stay connected with their favourite brands. What was also notable was that 71% of people who had a positive experience interacting with a brand on social media were likely to recommend the company to other people.

Moreover, when used properly, social media helps companies create brand awareness, improves customer engagement, generates leads and, most importantly, boosts conversions and profits.

That’s why you need to make sure you invest in hiring a social media expert or a social media marketing agency that can help you strengthen your online presence.

Let’s discuss how a social media expert can help your business grow and prosper in further detail.

Effective Social Media Strategy

Your in-house employees might not be able to develop a social media strategy that drives conversions if they don’t possess experience and expertise in social media marketing.

However, a deep dive into the mechanics of social media will take too much time and effort; it will also distract employees from your core business operations and their main responsibilities.

If you hire a social media expert, though, you can guarantee better results and growth. The professional will have the knowledge and skills to develop and implement strategies effectively, and will also save both time and money.

Increase Sales

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy in any company is to drive more sales and profits. This is where social media experts become extremely important. These professional know how to convert users who are visiting your website into customers.

Moreover, they also possess knowledge of the marketing tools through which they can track the performance of your social media platforms and plan accordingly to achieve more sales and generate more leads.

Follow New Trends

If anything for certain, it’s that social media is constantly changing. Trends emerge and disappear in a matter of months. Companies need to be on their toes to follow trends instantly and use them to their benefit. Social media experts are excellent at keeping track of the latest social media trends and use them to their advantage effectively.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Social media allows customers to engage with your brand at any time of the day. New comments, reviews, and messages are constantly coming in. Social media experts are always on high alert and scrutinizing what’s said about your brand on the internet.

One bad comment or review can have major consequences. Should a situation like this occur, these professionals are also equipped with the expertise to handle it in a way that will minimize damage to the company’s reputation. Moreover, they also take on the responsibility to engage with users and answer their queries in an effective manner.


While social media is a major determinant of your business’s success, it still might not be the first thing on your mind when you come in at work. This could affect your brand significantly. A social media expert can help you make sure that your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are working as they should by monitoring these platforms continuously.

Retain Audience

Social media experts can help you build and retain an audience by creating content and strategies that are relevant to users and do a good job of attracting them to your business. These professionals are aware of what’s happening on which platform, what social media users are interested in learning, and what their purchasing habits are. This information helps them target the right audience and boost your profits.

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Analyze the Competition

Along with your audience, your competitors are also on social media. This gives you a great opportunity to connect with them and analyze their strategies. You can identify their weak points and use them to your advantage to outdo them.


Storytelling isn’t easy! Put a word limit on it, and it becomes even harder. Social media experts, however, possess the skills required to tell a story and convey their message in the least amount of words and characters. Moreover, they know how to change their style of writing and language according to the targeted audience.

Terms and Conditions

Do you know anyone who has actually read the terms and conditions for Facebook or Twitter? Well we know some people who have—social media experts! These professionals are well-versed with rules that regulate the different social media platforms. This helps them prevent your business from violating these terms and getting blocked.

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