SEO Tips that Help Dental Practices Reach the Top Spot

SEO Tips that Help Dental Practices Reach the Top Spot

An ever-increasing number of customers are searching online to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks before going through dental procedures. These customers are looking for specialists in their general vicinity more than ever. So it’s becoming increasingly vital for dental specialists to have great websites that mirror the quality of services they offer to patients.

Google’s research indicates that as part of the buying process, the first step that 97% of people take is to search for the service online.

Research also shows that more than 90% of users don’t go past the first Google page. So, if your website isn’t ranked on the first page, you lose almost all of the traffic to your competitors.

If you’re a dental practitioner who wants to improve their search result rankings, there are a few things you can do:

Optimize Site Loading Speeds

Smartphone users comprise most of the internet population and their number is increasing exponentially. In fact, research indicates that by 2020, mobile search users are expected to grow to 221 million. So it’s crucial that you optimize your site to have minimum loading speeds.

Conduct competitor analysis to figure out what the average loading times are of your top competitors. Then try to tweak your site to obtain lower loading times than the average.

Research has shown that an increase in site loading time by only 400ms results in a decrease of 0.44% of traffic. This number might seem insignificant but in real terms, it can cost a business a lot—in terms of revenue and potential customers.

You can use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool for this purpose. It’s a great tool for diagnosing and figuring out what needs to be done to reduce loading times. Google’s recommendations include minifying HTML, JavaScript, CSS, avoiding landing page redirects and leveraging browser caching. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it would be a good idea to hire a reputable digital marketing agency to get the job done.

Keyword Optimization

Using specific and local keywords are essential for SEO optimization. You can use Google Trends to identify what keywords people are using to find dental services in your local area. After identifying the top-performing keywords, add them to your content in a way that doesn’t seem forced.

Google has been cracking down consistently on websites that overuse keywords, so keyword stuffing is not an effective strategy anymore. You want to place the keywords strategically coupled with authentic backlinks.

Different Service Pages

Service pages are the ideal approach to optimize your dental site for the keywords you identified in the previous step.

A service page is a page devoted totally to a specific location and service for example, “dental crowning in Alberta.” This ensures a focus on understanding the end-user, as they’re looking for services in that particular locality.

Another benefit you’ll gain from using this strategy is that you’ll have access to whole sets of new keywords related to each of your services. As you add the keyword-optimized content on your site, search engine crawlers will pick up on the keywords and ultimately bump up your ranking for various searches.

The multitude of keywords can be overwhelming for someone who’s new to the world of SEO. A good approach would be to prioritize the keywords according to reach, importance and relevance to your services and start with those.

You should also consider the way that the content is phrased. The tone should be conversational and easy to read as Google ranks content with “natural language” better.

Backlinks and Citations

Linking is one of the most established methods of improving your search engine rankings. In fact, it was the go-to strategy of many website owners until Google launched its Panda update in 2011.

This update tweaked their algorithm in a way that took into consideration both the quantity and quality of backlinks on a web page. The days of overstuffing content with keywords and backlinks were over.

Add backlinks to authentic sources like government sites, directories, popular forums and research institutes or journals. You also need to avoid using backlinks excessively, as you can easily cross the “spam line” and harm your rankings.


Numerous dental specialists like to keep an updated web journal to talk about their interests on any developments in the dental industry. Fortunately, with slight changes, blogging can be a great tool for dentists to optimize their site for search engines.

Your goal is to increase your site’s search engine ranking; that’s why it’s crucial to research, identify and include the top-performing keywords in your blog content.

On the off chance that your dental practice generates a unique idea or obtains new equipment, the ideal spot to report it is in a blog entry.

Social Media Marketing

Web-based social networking can be an extraordinary SEO tool for dental practitioners, particularly if you or one of your staff has some experience overseeing web-based life accounts and an eagerness to manage clients over Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Search engine algorithms now take into account the number and quality of backlinks present on social media sites. So, a strong social media presence is definitely going to help improve your site’s ranking. It also opens a new channel of communication with your clients about things like new dental services and advancements.

Hire an SEO Expert

The world of SEO is highly technical and complex. The most challenging part is that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so you need someone with the appropriate skillset and the time and energy for SEO optimization.

Various digital marketing agencies offer search engine optimization services. So take your time and research all your options thoroughly before making a decision.

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