The Role Of Programmatic Advertising In Digital Marketing: An Overview

The Role Of Programmatic Advertising In Digital Marketing: An Overview

Digital marketing is growing with each passing year. Companies are relying on the latest technology and tools to remain competitive in the highly saturated digital environment. The introduction of programmatic advertising has made their lives somewhat easier.

In fact, 80% of digital display marketing in the US was done via programmatic advertising. Surprisingly, most marketers are still alienated by this concept. Let’s learn about programmatic advertising and its importance in getting high SEO rankings and digital impact:

What is programmatic advertising?

Referred to as the black box of online marketing, programmatic advertising is a method to purchase and optimize digital marketing campaigns using AI-optimization and machine learning to maximize results.

The role of programmatic advertising in digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about communicating the brand’s message to target audience in the most cost-effective and efficient way. The programmatic advertising helps achieve this goal by automatically choosing the marketing campaigns that would yield the best results.

Here are three important roles programmatic advertising play in digital marketing:

Spend your advertising budget intelligently

Using programmatic advertising, companies can target their potential clients on a granular level. It allows picking up the perfect marketing campaign that delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.

After all, what’s the point of showing ads to viewers who are unlikely to buy your product or services? Smart ad placement allows companies to spend their marketing budget sensibly to maximize their ROI and sales revenue.

Real-time optimization

The real-time optimization feature of programmatic advertising makes it truly magnificent. Using instantaneous data, the program can measure the performance of each advertisement campaign and optimize accordingly.

The capability to frequently assess the performance of advertisement campaigns helps to maximize the return on every dollar spent on digital marketing. Therefore, companies can achieve greater results without allocating extra money to their marketing budget.

Increased reach

Programmatic advertising allows brands to increase their reach and target a broader audience. This method allows marketers full access to ad inventory, which helps reach out to millions of people across the globe who surf the internet.

As a result, the company can compete with the industry giants and beat the competition. The increase in targeted audience boosts the number of potential leads, which consequently improves the chances of growth in the company’s revenue.

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