B2B Facebook Advertisement: The Ultimate Guide

B2B Facebook Advertisement: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook is one of the—if not the—biggest social media platforms across the globe. It’s the OG player in the online social sphere, connecting like-minded individuals from all over the world.

But what started as a small communication site quickly turned into a hub for marketing when marketers began to identify its potential to create a large client base for different products and services. Initially, the advantages of Facebook for advertising were only recognized in B2C marketing, with very little usage among B2B marketers.

What these marketers failed to understand is that, among the 2.32 billion users on Facebook, a big chunk of them are business decision makers (BDMs). Through Facebook advertising, you can connect with these professionals—who are the real target audience for B2B businesses—and make sure that they’re aware of the products and services you offer.

If you’re working on developing a Facebook advertising campaign for your B2B business, here’s a comprehensive guide.

How to Do B2B Facebook Advertising

Here are a few tips to get you started with B2B Facebook Advertising.

Install Facebook Pixel

The first thing you have to do before venturing into Facebook advertising is to install Facebook Pixel on your system. It’s a platform that allows businesses to monitor and track the conversion rates for different pages. It also enables you to optimize your on-site actions.

Recognize Objectives

The second step to successful B2B Facebook advertising is recognizing the three most important objectives of doing so: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

Awareness includes brand recognition and reach. Consideration focuses on traffic. While engagement, lead generation and conversion depend on store visits and sales.

Here are the four main objectives that you need to focus on when working on your B2B Facebook advertising.

Brand Awareness

The main goal of Facebook advertising is to inform target audiences about your products and services so you can start driving sales as soon as possible. It adds users to your sales funnels, but it’s still important to ensure that your target audience is broad and shares the same characteristics.


When it comes to driving traffic, you have two options. Either direct your target audience to your website or to your marketing page. The better option is your website.

Traffic campaigns on Facebook focus on specific products and services, target certain demographics, and have specific industry profiles. All of these play a huge part in increasing the traffic that comes to your website.

Lead Generation

Facebook ads are great for lead generation, as they allow users to fill in their information in just a few clicks, which is pretty easy compared to your website, where users have to provide every detail manually. This helps you collect the information of your prospective audience effectively.


The last objective that Facebook advertising helps B2B business achieve is increased conversions. Conversion campaigns are like a sales pitch; if effective, they send your users over to the final landing page where they convert and help your business prosper.

How To Create A Successful B2B Facebook Advertising Campaign

Now that we’ve identified the main objectives you should focus on when developing a B2B Facebook advertising campaign, let’s talk about some other things to consider that can determine the success of your project.


Facebook ads offer you a choice between a daily budget and a lifetime budget. If you’re just starting out, then going with the daily budget option is more suitable as it allows you to experiment without putting too much at risk. Moreover, the other kind of budget, which is the lifetime budget, allows you to utilize your budget across selected time periods in a way that makes the most sense for your campaign.


The scheduling feature for B2B Facebook advertising allows you to schedule your ad at time intervals that are customized according to your requirements. You need to study your target audience, their purchasing behaviour and habit and show them your conversion ads when you’re sure they’re likely to convert.

Ad Locations

Facebook ads have many options for ad locations and placements. You don’t necessarily have to go with automatic placement. Instead if you customize the settings for a specific audience, you’ll get clicks that’ll guarantee conversions and not just traffic. Facebook can show your ads on various platforms including Facebook, Instagram and on audience network.


What’s the key to the success of your Facebook ads? Your audiences. When it comes to B2B advertising, your audiences are divided into three main categories that are, core, custom and lookalike.


You can create the core audience for your ads by filtering out people who are potential customers and also those aren’t good prospects. You can set different requirements such as location, distance, age, gender, language and more. This is one of the best ways to ensure maximum clicks within your budget.


Custom audiences are people who are in your list of email addresses, who have visited your website, and most importantly, those who could be potential leads. Facebook ads allow you to target these cold leads specifically in your campaign and make sure they convert.


Lookalike audiences are new people who are similar to your current audience and might be interested in your business. These two groups display the same characteristics, but their demographics and psychographic makeup is totally different. You can create lookalike audiences for your ads using Facebook Pixel as it has the data of your ideal customers.

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