Website Design and the Impact on Conversion Rates

Website Design and the Impact on Conversion Rates

According to statistics, the e-commerce sales in Canada amount for at least 1.6 billion Canadian Dollars. By 2023 this number is expected to surpass 55 billion Canadian dollars. Moreover, the worldwide online retail sales are expected to rise above 4.9 trillion US Dollars by the end of 2021.

In this online retail economic landscape, your website becomes a significant factor in determining your business’ success. Not only does it give you the opportunity to attract and engage with a global audience, but your website also helps you create awareness about your brand, products, and services. The 24/7 online presence also helps you improve your sales and achieve a higher conversion rate.

What’s a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is essentially the percentage of users that complete the desired action on your website. These actions can vary depending on the types of business you run; they can include online sales, email sign-ups, leads, and form completions.

The conversion rates of a business depend on its online presence, which is further determined by their website as it’s a major element of their online identity. Thus, web design becomes one of the biggest factors that affect the conversion rates of a business.

Here are some ways your web design can help your business succeed.

A Good First Impression

The homepage of your website is as significant as the front of your store. A creative home page, with attractive imagery and quality content creates a lasting impression on users, who are tempted to return to your website again and again.

Increases Engagement

A good web design helps you attract consumers to your business and also retain them. A simple and easy-to-navigate layout of your website increases consumer engagement by keeping your customers hooked to your page.

Moreover, the constant online presence of your website allows your clients to interact with your business anytime. Make sure you reply to their queries and feedback promptly so they stay interested and keep contributing to your conversion rates.

Creates Brand Recognition

A good website design sets you apart from your competitors by highlighting the unique selling points of your business. This familiarizes potential customers with your values and ideas and creates a positive image for your brand.

Boosts Your Credibility

Many small start-up businesses don’t have a physical presence; they only operate online. A good web design helps these businesses boost their credibility and consequently their conversion rates. According to a survey, 75% of users consider web design an important factor for determining business credibility.

Make sure you invest in innovative and creative web design, because an outdated and dull one can make your business seem unprofessional. Don’t forget to add short and clear testimonials as they can be very effective in creating a sense of trust and reliability.

Increases Search Engine Ranking

A high SEO ranking leads to an increased conversion rate for your business. It can be achieved by incorporating all the right keywords in the content you develop for your website. As search engine optimization can be a complex technique, consider contacting a professional digital marketing agency to get the job done.

Now that we have established the importance of immaculate web design for conversion rates, let’s discuss what exactly a good web design includes.


When designing your website, make simplicity your number one policy! Over-designing by including too many elements on a page can be very distracting. It can make users forget the purpose of their visit. Thus, make sure you keep the design fresh and clean that flows effortlessly from one page to another.

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Mobile Phone Compatibility

According to a report, mobile e-commerce accounts for 30% of the total retail e-commerce in Canada. Thus, making your website mobile phone compatible is extremely important. It allows your users to engage with your business on their phones any time they want.

Easy Navigation

Users are more likely to engage with your website if it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. Consider making a logical hierarchy for the pages where a conversion can be conducted within three clicks at most. Also, make sure you avoid multiple menus and sub-menus as it can increase the complexity of the structure and lead your customers to lose interest in your business.

Speed Optimization

Users avoid using websites that take a long time to load. To avoid that from happening to your business, make sure you optimize the size of the images, use JavaScript, CSS and a compressed HTML. Moreover, have a number of web application tests conducted on your website to make sure it runs smoothly without errors.

Attractive Color Palette

Don’t make the mistake of undermining the importance of a color scheme for your web design. Select a color palette that can help you create a good impact on the customers by enhancing the user experience (UX). But make sure you don’t use more than 3 colors in your design. Also make use of white spaces to avoid visual clutter.

Strong CTAs

Relevant CTAs, i.e. calls-to-action, are an important component of an effective web design that aims to increase conversion rates. Thus, make sure you strategically include CTAs that mention free consultations and other invites in optimal and visible places on your website, for instance on the sidebars and at the end of your blogs.

Quality Content

Developing quality content is one of the most significant responsibilities of a business owner wishing to establish a prominent online presence. Make sure you include informative blogs and articles on your website that are relevant for your customers. By doing so, you’ll be ensuring that the users keep interacting actively with your website and consequently, increase your conversion rates.

Artificial Intelligence

Elements of artificial intelligence, such as chat bots and virtual assistants, are being used by web developers to optimize the conversion rates of business. They allow business owners to collect data, analyze information, and stay in touch with their customers. Therefore, make sure your web design is created in a way that supports AI elements.

Get in touch with a reputable digital marketing agency to make sure your website has attractive visuals, smart features, and special functions that optimize the conversion rates for your business.

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