Impact Marketing – Leveraging Social Media for Lead Generation

Impact Marketing – Leveraging Social Media for Lead Generation

It comes as no surprise that the number of social media users globally is currently more than 3.48 billion people; the number increases by at least 288 million people every year.

Research shows that virtually the entire Canadian population with internet access uses at least one social media platform. Though originally created to connect like-minded individuals and facilitate their conversations, social media quickly became a platform for advertisers to market their products and services after different social media sites had to turn to them to generate revenue.

According to the Canadian SOCIALscape report of 2018, 56% of the surveyed population follow brands and companies on their social media sites. Moreover, 71% of the people who have a positive interaction with a brand online are likely to recommend it to others as well.

With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to understand why every brand in the world aims to create a strong online presence through social media. It boosts their conversion rates and increase profits by allowing them to create brand awareness and enhance customer engagement, and most importantly by helping them generate leads!

Before we head into discussing further details, it’s important to understand what lead generation exactly means.

Understanding Lead Generation and Social Media

A lead is essentially an individual who shows interest in your business. Lead generation is the process of identifying these potential customers and attracting them to your products and services.

The means through which this is accomplished are known as lead generators. These can include online content such as blog posts, job applications or even live events and coupons.

Thanks to the advent of social media, lead generation has become extremely easy and cost-efficient. Through both, organic and paid marketing on communities, groups, pages and via sponsored ads, advertisers can promote their content, products and services to potential customers on different social media platforms.

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Social Media Strategy to Generate Leads

Here’s everything you need to consider to ensure your social media strategy for lead generation is truly effective.

Use Multiple Channels

To ensure that you don’t leave any of your potential customers out of the loop, utilize multiple social media platforms to promote your content. Having your brand’s account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram is a must!

Plan Extensively

To obtain the best results, adequate long-term planning is extremely important for every channel you decide to utilize for marketing.

Conduct Research

Creating a social media marketing plan with no specific audience in mind is a waste of energy and resources. You need to know the demographics of your target audience and their preferences to be able to create an effective strategy.

Create Content

The content you develop for marketing needs to be readable, concise and informative. Making sure it’s relevant to the needs of your target audience will increase user engagement.

Engage With Users

Your business needs to be present online 24/7 to keep users engaged and convert them. Show them you’re there by answering questions and re-posting links and articles that have gained the most traction.

How to Generate Leads on With Social Media

Now that you know how to create an effective strategy to generate leads on social media, here are some ways to start using social media for lead generation.

Share Links of Gated Content

Gated content includes blogs, articles or other information of your products that are placed behind a virtual gate. The only way for readers to access them is to fill in an online form with contact information. While some people won’t give out their personal information, others who are really interested in learning about your products certainly will, proving to you that they’re great leads.

Run Contests

Running contests on social media platforms is a popular way to generate leads. The winning prize, however, has to be valuable enough for people to want to participate in the competition. Asking people to enter the contest by sharing and liking or by clicking through to a landing page helps you generate leads.

Social Media Ads

‘Lead generation’ ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter helps business gather leads directly on the platform. Users don’t have to move to another page to fill in their contact information; social media ads are a simpler and more effective way to reach your target audience.

Live Videos and Webinars

By using the live video option on different social media platforms, brands can engage with potential customers directly. Here you can include links to forms in the description, helping you turn your viewers into leads. Webinars, on the other hand, are also gated content; people interested in learning about your services will have to register for the session in advance by filling in a form and turning into relevant leads.

Top Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation

Here are two of the best social media platforms that can help you generate leads in the most effective way.


On-page promotions, by creating your brand’s own page; off-page promotions on different groups and communities, and paid promotions are the three ways you can utilize Facebook for lead generation.


Twitter provides you two different ways to achieve your goals. You can collect relevant leads either through tweets and retweets or through paid promotions by using your Lead Generation Twitter Card. Besides that, you can track your brand’s mentions and creates events such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) to generate leads.

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