3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Christmas!

3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Christmas!

Want to run an effective holiday marketing campaign to maximize sales this Christmas?

If so, you should integrate Facebook marketing with your e-commerce solution. Why? A recent survey showed that 52% of shoppers want to avoid crowds this holiday season. Moreover, 60% of holiday shoppers stated that Facebook and Instagram influence their holiday shopping decisions.

Millennials—in particular—rely on the internet to make buying decisions. Stats show that 72% of millennials search for a discount before purchasing online.

In this blog, you’ll find three tips on how to reach a wider audience during the holiday season and maximize your Christmas sales by tapping into Facebook marketing.

Let’s get started:

Use strong visuals in your marketing content

During the holiday season, users’ news feeds will be full to the brim with holiday content. Hence, it’ll take some effort to stop their thumbs from swiping and grab their attention.

Hence, your Facebook ads need to have bold, compelling visuals. Adding well-designed visual elements in your ads and posts will make them memorable, which also makes it more likely that they’ll be shared.

Moreover, using visuals will also allow your business to stand out from the competition.

Focus on creating your own visuals—such as animated GIFs, images, and videos—to grab attention.

Bonus Tip: Memes with some pop-culture reference serve as humorous visuals that appeal to Gen Z and millennials.

Share your brand’s story with your audience

Facebook is among the most impactful online marketing channels, but it’s still a social media platform. Unfortunately, most marketers tend to forget that—but they shouldn’t.

There’s a reason why people who are surfing Facebook don’t engage with boring ads with call-to-actions. It’s because they want stories and engaging content that they can connect with. You can do so by creating emotional and relatable content that evokes a sentiment—and possibly makes them laugh.

In fact, the end of the year is the perfect time to share your brand’s story and vision—and even achievements—to give your audience a better idea about your business.

Click here to learn about the five ingredients you need to successfully tell a brand story.

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Check out what the competitors are doing

Granted, your Facebook marketing strategy should be original and unique, but it doesn’t hurt to look at what your competitors are up to. It will help you learn about the latest trends in your industry and provide inspirational advertisement ideas for your own marketing campaign.

For instance, if you’re running a bookstore, you can post pictures of your books, have trivia rounds, and provide recommendations of books to your audience.

You can even create a Christmas collection or mystery box, which can be very exciting for avid book readers.

Final words

The Christmas period is the busiest shopping period in Canada, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, most consumers don’t have the first idea about what they want to buy. Use this opportunity to maximize your sales and grow your business.

Once you learn to tailor your Facebook strategy to appeal to your target audience, it will help you get more leads and sell more products and services.

You can create a successful ad campaign for the Christmas holidays by hiring a Facebook advertising agency. At Devebyte, we provide reliable and high-quality digital marketing services, including specialized Facebook marketing services.

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