3 Brilliant Ways To Add the Christmas Spirit To Your Digital Content

3 Brilliant Ways To Add the Christmas Spirit To Your Digital Content

Looking for ways to add the Christmas spirit to your digital content?

Want to capitalize on it to maximize sales?

That’s a fairly reasonable ask! This festive season is the best time to grow your business and increase sales. After all, Canadians spend trillions of dollars every year during the holidays. Moreover, as e-commerce sales in Canada continue to climb, there are, at present, 19.8 million e-commerce users in Canada.

This means that the digital content of your brand should be at the core of your strategy.

Here are three brilliant ways to add the Christmas spirit to your digital content:

Christmasify your website

Most marketers simply add Christmas elements in their social media marketing channels or throw in a handful of ‘snowflake-y’ photos. That’s not enough!

In fact, you should consider giving your entire website a festive feel—especially the landing pages. There are so many ideas you can implement to make your site… merrier.

For instance, you can add a falling snow animation or add Santa hats to your logo and other elements.

These minor details can, in fact, help you to increase sales. In fact, merely offering a gift wrapping option for your products can send sales numbers up.

Here’s a Christmas WordPress plugin that you might find useful: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/christmasify/

Incorporate cinemagraphs in your content

Cinemagraphs are one of the latest visual marketing trends that are slowly taking over social media marketing.

What’s more, the majority of brands don’t use them, which gives you all the more reason to incorporate them in your digital content—it will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Unlike GIFs, they are more versatile and cater to the unique demands of each social media platform. You can create beautiful Christmas visuals to present to your audience.

The auto-looping function allows you to turn your static image into a nice animated visual, like a GIF—but 10x better in quality.

Click here to check out a simple guide on how to create beautiful cinemagraphs for your brand.

Here’s a YouTube video by Adobe Creative Cloud on how to make a cinemagraph on Photoshop.

Give Your Customers a Christmas Gift—It won’t cost you much!

Give your customers an offer they simply can’t refuse! Phrases such as limited time discount, Christmas OFFER, special discounted offer, and Holiday Coupon, and more are very effective.

Furthermore, you should offer free shipping if possible, as it influences consumer behaviour on a deeply psychological level and helps maximize revenues.

Here, the design and timing of your posts will play an instrumental role in the success of your marketing campaigns as well.

You can use the help of a professional digital marketing firm to decide the perfect incentive to make people purchase your products.

Final words

While the above advice is essential, you should also pay close attention to your online marketing campaign, especially on Facebook and Google Adwords to derive maximum users to your website.

You can hire services of a professional marketing firm to add Christmas elements to your digital content. At Devebyte, we provide reliable and high-quality digital marketing services, including specialized content creation services to our clients.

Based in Edmonton, we’ve got a team of professionals who can design a targeted marketing campaign for the festive season to leads to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. For more information, call us at +1-780-445-4359.

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