3 Creative Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

3 Creative Facebook Advertising Tips Every Marketer Should Know

More than 14 million Canadians check their Facebook News Feed every day. That makes the world’s largest social media platform the perfect place to market your business. But it’s not that simple!

The success of your Facebook advertising campaign relies on a mix of creativity and targeting. Most businesses focus on the latter, but fail to get optimal results as a result.

This article will describe three creative advertisement options on Facebook.

Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Display Your Products

A carousel ad is an efficient choice for showing off product advertisements to a target audience.

It’s a swipeable ad that allows you to display multiple e-commerce products or different aspects of the same product.

You can add up to ten photos or videos to a carousel, along with different call-to-actions, and redirect users to different landing pages.

These carousel ads work equally well in web browsers and mobile phones, enabling you to get maximum value for dollars spent on the campaign.

Facebook GIF Ads Can Do Wonders!

Every brand has started using videos on Facebook to market their business. After all, it’s a great way to engage the audience.

However, you can only make so many videos. Using GIF ads is a great, if not better, alternative.

Instead of creating ten-minute long videos to tell your brand’s story, create a ten-second video to induce the same emotions.

It requires less time and resources. Moreover, users are less likely to skip it due to its length.

Not Every Ad Needs To Contain Links

People sometimes forget that Facebook is still a social media platform, but Facebook doesn’t! It uses a smart algorithm that distributes your content in a very specific way.

That’s why it’s important to diversify your content. Use ads that are text-based, photo-based or video-based, rather than constantly linking to your website.

Now it’s completely fine to link to your blog or landing pages, but external links shouldn’t be the only source of your content.

Posting quizzes and trivia, connecting with the audience, and holding discussions is a creative way to engage with your target audience and create brand awareness.

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