Using Facebook To Improve Your Digital Reputation

Using Facebook To Improve Your Digital Reputation

Facebook has 80 million small and medium-sized business pages, and this number is growing every day. The world’s leading social platform is a podium for both B2B and B2C businesses.

But contrary to popular belief, Facebook’s reach is not limited to advertisements; it’s a powerful tool that can help businesses manage and improve their digital reputation.

Here are five steps you should follow to improve your brand’s reputation by utilizing Facebook:

Create or claim your business page

You won’t get anywhere without first creating a business page. If there’s an existing page for your business that is not managed by you, you can claim it using a Facebook Business Manager.

You should also try to get your business page verified to help customers find your official page. Verified business pages appear higher in search results and differentiate your page from fake accounts.

Add complete information

The next step is to fill as much page information as you can. Add your official brand name, phone number, address, business hours, category, and a short description to allow potential clients to learn about your business.

This is particularly important because many consumers use Facebook to search for businesses. Adding correct, updated information will help potential customers find relevant information and increase the chances of conversions.

Establish your reputation with Facebook Recommendations

Enabling Facebook Recommendations allows customers to share rich feedback about your business. It’s a great reputation management tool that results in better visibility in the local community and attracts more clients to your page.

Doing so also shows that your business is willing to accept feedback and doesn’t shy away from customer feedback. It will also help you learn about how your brand is perceived in the market.

Focus on engaging and relevant content creation

Content creation plays an instrumental role in the success of your Facebook page. It’s important to focus on creating quality content regularly to keep your brand name relevant. Refrain from posting stuff that’s too self-promotional and avoid clichés.

Moreover, try to connect with your audience by responding to their comments and reviews. If you receive negative feedback, make sure to offer solutions to turn an unsatisfied customer into a loyal one.

Incorporate high-quality videos

30% of mobile shoppers say the video is the best medium for discovering new products. Mobile-optimized Facebook video lifts brand awareness and gives valuable insights about your business to potential customers.

You can add videos of charity events, employees at work, behind-the-scenes shots, and loyal customers to improve your digital reputation. Make sure your videos are relevant, short, and interesting enough to inspire your target audience.

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