The Advantages of Facebook Marketing: Measuring Success

The Advantages of Facebook Marketing: Measuring Success

What emerged as a social media platform to help people connect with friends, family and colleagues, quickly became an effective medium for advertising and brand marketing because of its ability to provide business owners with opportunities to engage with potential customers.

Soon after Facebook was launched, marketers on the outlook for innovative marketing strategies recognized how beneficial this platform could be for their businesses. Today, more than 60 billion businesses have a Facebook page, and 32% of the 2 billion daily Facebook users engage with them regularly.

If you’re a business owner but don’t have Facebook marketing on your marketing plan, you’re missing out on a great opportunity!

Keep reading to find out why Facebook should be one of the key marketing channels for your business.

The Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Global Exposure

Facebook gives businesses access to a large global audience and helps them build greater brand awareness. It’s an effective platform through which business owners can make people aware of what they have to offer. When consumers are familiar with a brand’s values and mission, they’re more likely to purchase their products and services.

Increased Website Traffic

By adding a link to your website in your Facebook ads, you can direct more traffic to your website. This will increase your conversion rates and sales. You just have to make sure your website is engaging and has a user-friendly interface.

Customer Feedback and Questions

Facebook allows business a 24-hour presence where they can constantly interact with consumers. Nothing makes for a happy customer more than prompt client service. With the help of Facebook, you can make sure you address your clients’ feedback, answer their questions, and provide them stellar customer support any time of the day!

Targeted Approach

Having a target audience is extremely important for a business. It helps them create effective marketing strategies and focus their content on the demands of that niche. Facebook’s audience optimization feature enables you to filter out the targeted audience for every post you publish. You can select specific demographics including location, language, and interests to make sure your posts reach the right people and creates the most impact.

Drives Off-Line Sales

Advertising your products online on Facebook can help you increase your sales offline. After coming across your brand’s Facebook ads, and looking through your website, potential customers are likely to visit your stores if they like the products and services you offer.

Low Marketing Expenses

Using Facebook pages for marketing is the most effective way to get maximum results while spending as little as possible. It’s an ideal opportunity for novice small businesses to create an online presence and increase awareness about their products and services at virtually no expenses.

Useful Insight

Facebook Ads Manager is service where you can track the performance of your ads and gain useful information regarding the impression, reach and frequency of your campaign. It also gives valuable insight into the competitors in the area along with details about the customers, their location, their number of visits and more.

When there are so many advantages of Facebook marketing, as a business owner your goal should be to use this platform most effectively. Facebook itself helps you measure your ad’s performance and create optimized advertising campaigns by gathering data and providing you complete access to it through Facebook Ads Manager.

Here are the most essential metrics through which you can measure the overall success of your ad campaigns.

Measuring Facebook Ad Performance


Impressions are essentially the number of times an ad post is seen by users. This helps business owners determine the popularity of their Facebook marketing campaign. Moreover, a higher number of impressions mean greater brand awareness for your business. You can achieve that by posting quality content regularly along with links to videos, web pages and pictures.


Conversions are the desired actions taken by consumers on your Facebook page. It’s one of the most important metrics that indicate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. There are a number of ways you can optimize your Facebook ad conversions, these include using eye-catching visuals, targeting a specific audience, including a call-to-action and keeping the ad short but impactful.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

According to a survey, the average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.09%. CTRs show you how many times your Facebook ad was clicked on. Its measuring formula is the number of clicks over the number of impressions. If the data shows a higher rate of impressions while the CTR is low, it means your targeted audience doesn’t find your Facebook ads relevant. With this information, you can make the required adjustments and ensure an increased number of click-through rates.

Ad Frequency

The ad frequency metrics show you the number of times the same user has seen your ad. Through this metric, you can make sure that the same person doesn’t see your ad continuously as it can lead to a negative impact.

people in meeting


Keeping users engaged with your business is much harder than attracting new customers. Acquiring new clients costs four to ten times more than retaining an existing one. By analyzing the retention report you can how many users are frequently interacting with your business and the type of content they prefer.

Cost per Action (CPA)

This metric helps you measure the ROI (return on investment) on your ad campaigns. You can determine how effective a certain ad was and try to emulate successful ones in your next campaign. According to data collected by WordStream, the total cost per action for Facebook ads is 18.68 dollars across all industries.

Facebook Split-Testing

Split-testing on Facebook enables business owners to analyze mutually exclusive audiences to see what’s most effective. By looking at specific target audiences, ad creativity, budget, placement and the optimization method, you can determine which ad had the largest impact and develop similar Facebook ads for future marketing campaigns.

Now that you know some ways your business can benefit from Facebook marketing and how you can measure that success, it’s time to include this global platform in your marketing strategy this year!

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