More Visitors, More Leads: Increasing Website Traffic

More Visitors, More Leads: Increasing Website Traffic

Generating business leads is a simple matter of playing with the law of large numbers. The goal of marketing and more specifically online marketing is to expose yourself to so many potential clients that some of them end up visiting your website. If you were to think about it, the purpose of SEO, content creation and Social Media Marketing is to make sure that as many people see these posts as possible.

Of course, some care needs to be taken when trying to attract more customers, although the principle remains the same; it’s really a matter of getting as many hits on your website as possible. The higher the number of people visiting your websites, there will be a correspondingly higher likelihood of you generating more business for yourself.

It is the mark of a successful online marketing strategy that it directs your potential customers towards your website. If you ever want to assess the effectiveness of all your digital marketing moves, you must always compare if there has been a substantial increase in the visitors of your website. A few simple ways to help increase the traffic you get on your websites are:

1. Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is the foundation for all online marketing. One of our older blog posts titled “SEO: Plugging into the Core” discussed how search engines are the point of convergence for all information on the internet. As such these databases are the first places that digital customers consider to find the service of their choice. SEO is a way of making yourself noticeable as a service provider to the customer that is looking for your services.

You, along with all of your competitors, are listed somewhere in search engine databases. SEO strategies take keywords that the ideal customer would look up and incorporates them in the content on your websites. So the next time your customers search for a service relevant or related to yours on Google or Bing or some other search engine, you name will also show up in the lists. Increasing your search rankings is one of the many ways in which businesses can help generate traffic for their websites.

We call SEO the foundation of online marketing because it is a technique that is employed across all marketing channels. Whether it is for content creation, placing Ads on Google Ads or social media marketing; the content that goes through each of the channels should include keywords that would come up as search engine hits. If your search engine rankings get higher as a result of your SEO efforts, you will find that the traffic on your websites will also spike.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Just as the business environment has transitioned from the physical to the digital, social media platforms are also taking a somewhat commercial turn. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have begun analyzing user behaviour to identify what goods they need.

Business owners can put up their advertisements on social media to attract clients that fit the profile as identified by social media dynamics. Particularly for Facebook, businesses can set parameters that will ensure that their posts are seen by relevant crowds. These parameters are defined based on a comprehensive profile of the target audience.

Once the correct parameters are identified, you can create posts and calls-to-action that would direct traffic to your website.  The key to mastering SMM requires shifting perspective on social media platforms. Any place where a large number of people come together at the same time can serve as a potential market place.

All it takes is to identify the collection of people who are having conversations relevant to the services you offer or who already require your services. Either of these two groups of people is likely to visit your websites and potentially converted to long term clients.

3.  Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Google Ads is the new yellow pages. To be more specific it is the place where people go to when they are trying to find a service provider for their requirements. This platform works on the principle of cost per click, where businesses pay the service for every diversion to their website through the ads they have placed.

Consider Google Ads as a business-oriented version of the Google search engine. The same principles as applied to raise your search rankings work here. This is the part where search engine optimization takes center stage.

Google AdWords involves utilization of specific keywords that potential customers look up on Google. Those who use the optimal keywords in their Ads will rank higher than their competitors on the search rankings. The customer will see their Ads and will be more likely to visit their websites. As of 2017, Google search and advertising tools enabled 1.5 million businesses to make a total of $283 billion.


4. Content Marketing

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Content marketing also incorporates search engine optimization to leave traces of your business across the internet. If you spread your content evenly and generously across the internet, your customers will feel more comfortable hiring your services.

Content Marketing involves the creation of blogs, writing articles and any other form of content that is embedded with SEO keywords that are directed towards your business. This multiple purposes such as:

  • It contributes to improving your search rankings
  • It makes it easier for potential clientele to find you
  • The various places that you set your content up at will contribute to your brand development

Many businesses at this moment are using content marketing to shape their businesses and to present a persona to their clientele. Through coordinated efforts across multiple channels, they aim to generate greater traffic for their websites.

In conclusion, there are many avenues to helping increase the traffic on your websites. Although some may argue that conversion is far more important to generate business leads, it is common sense to say that higher traffic is a far more primary concern as it will generate greater conversions as well. It comes down to how effectively your website is designed to help convert clients, but can you really convert clients if they aren’t showing up to your website?

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