Great Content Speaks For Your Brand

Great Content Speaks For Your Brand

The digital age has provided businesses and corporations with innumerable opportunities of creating new markets and growing into existing ones. As a growing number of firms attempt to take advantage of these opportunities, there is now cutthroat competition in the business world. You just have to go online, and within seconds, you’ll be flooded with advertisements. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to get their message across to consumers.

As businesses continue to seek more effective online marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals, content marketing has emerged as a promising new solution. According to a survey conducted by the renowned Content Marketing Institute, more than half of the companies were found to be investing in content marketing. Over the course of this blog, we’ll discuss how great content can be a major contributor to the growth of your brand.

Defining Content Marketing

Defining Content MarketingSo what is content marketing? Well, there is no single definition. Ask a number of content marketing experts, and you’ll get a different answer from each one. However, all of them will have the same underlying concept. Content marketing is essentially a marketing approach which involves creating, publishing and distributing brand-related content to ideal buyers. The ultimate aim of content marketing is to generate new leads and attract new customers for your business.

There are different ways and mediums to do online content marketing. The common ones include blogs, social media, e-books, videos and other online interactive tools through which you can share your brand with your target audience.

To provide an example of content marketing, let’s say you own an auto-repair and maintenance business that has somewhat stagnated over the past few months. You are seeking ways to expand your customer-base and you identify content marketing as a viable solution. You can start be introducing a blog section on your website on which you’ll post keyword-optimized blogs on a daily basis. These posts will provide expert information on different aspects of auto-maintenance and also give out pro-tips on auto care. While some of your audience will use your blogs as a guide for DIY auto-maintenance, others will decide to have the job done by the experts themselves. This gives you a rough idea how content marketing generates inbound leads.

Reasons to Create Expert Content for Your Brand

Need some more convincing on how expert content can drive the growth of your brand? Here are some excellent reasons why expert content can be beneficial for your business.

1. Establish Trust with Your Audience

1.	Establish Trust with Your AudienceAs explained above, the auto-repair business owner utilized his expertise to build trust with his online visitors. As the amount of expert content you create and publish increases, so does your reputation as an expert authority in your field. People are always likely to enlist the services of an expert to deal with their problems.

2. Driving Inbound Leads For Your Business

This is, perhaps, the primary reason why you should immediately start creating expert content for your business. Generating leads is the reason why businesses invest in marketing in the first place. In order to stay relevant and avoid stagnating, every business requires new leads that can potentially be converted into sales.

Content marketing allows new potential customers to find you through the informative and engaging content you create and share. Quite often, potential customers stumble upon your content before they have even decided to purchase. Your content is a great way to draw them further in, and the best news is that none of your competitors are even in the loop! Every business needs a way to drive new leads, and content marketing is perhaps the most efficient one there is.

3. Attract Ideal Buyers

While increased traffic and new leads are all good, unqualified and irrelevant leads are useless, no matter how abundant they are. It’s essential for businesses to engage ideal buyers otherwise they are just wasting valuable time and resources. One of the perks of content marketing is that while your expert content is showcasing your expertise to the whole world, only the people who are genuinely interested in your services are viewing it.

It’s perfectly logical to assume that its only people who are really interested in your category of products or services that manage to find their way to your blogs. Out of these people, only the ones that have a serious interest in your brand will bother to make their way to your website’s landing page and proceed to fill out the relevant forms with their personal information. As you can see, the useless leads are filtered out, and only the ideal buyers remain by the time your sales department steps in. Therefore, considerable amount of time, resources and energy is saved. This is how inbound marketing works.

4. Create Brand Awareness

With correct implementation, content marketing can consistently attract quality traffic and inbound links to a brand that was previously unknown. Using content marketing, you can drive new leads for your business and constantly demonstrate your field expertise to your ideal buyers through the content you share. You can use premium content such as videos and e-books to generate higher engagement levels.

5. Boost Your Rankings in Search Results (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a rising trend with companies and businesses around the world. Companies are coming to the realization that Google is the door to a treasure trove of virtually limitless leads and traffic, and the key to that door is SEO. According to Internet Live Stats, Google receives an average of a staggering 70,945 searches per second on a daily basis.

Whenever a keyword or phrase is searched on Google, it’s designed to work in such a way that all the most relevant search results are displayed first. In other words, Google knows how to appreciate quality content, and it will rank the content higher in its results. Although the algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, your content will always be among the first results as long as it’s current, relevant and of a high quality.

6. Convert Leads into Sales with Lead Nurturing

6.	Convert Leads into Sales with Lead NurturingYour quality content is being wasted if it isn’t being leveraged properly. It’s important for businesses to have a constant focus on generating leads through all the stages of the buyer’s journey. This is a process known as ‘lead nurturing’. Never heard of the term ‘buyer’s journey’? It’s a term used by modern marketers which refers to the buying process of a customer. The buyer’s journey is comprised of three main stages: awareness, consideration and decision.

Nurturing a Lead with Content Marketing

The buyer’s journey initiates with the ‘awareness’ stage. It’s during this stage that the buyer realizes that they have a problem. For instance, let’s assume that you are a fitness trainer and you have your own website. There is this guy named John who is looking for ways to get fit. He searches for “ways to get fit” online and the results lead him to your blog section. While reading your quality blogs, John begins to view your firm as an expert in the field. He proceeds to your landing page and downloads one of your e-books. You have successfully managed to secure John’s trust.

John will then enter the ‘consideration’ stage of the buyer’s journey, during which he’ll evaluate the options he has in terms of solutions to his problem. During this stage, John watches one your videos titled “How to Get Washboard Abs in 2 Months”. At this point, John has no doubt that your company is an expert resource that can offer a quality solution for his problem.

As John becomes ready to make a move, he enters the ‘decision’ stage. John originally wanted to design a fitness plan himself, but after carefully evaluating his options, he decides to enlist the help of a professional. As you’re the expert he trusts the most, he takes you up on your free consultation offer.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how content marketing turns a lead into a sale. Content marketing led John to your business, nurtured him as lead and facilitated the deal to be closed.

7.  Your Audience Will Share Your Content on Social Media

If you consistently create and distribute high-quality content which educates people and helps them solve problems, it’s highly likely that your audience will share this content. Even other businesses will share your expert content. This is a win-win situation, as it makes the business look like an expert, and your brand receives more exposure. Social media is rapidly gaining popularity and is even starting to rival search engines as a perfect medium of delivering content to consumers.

The primary aim with content marketing is to always create high-quality content that online audiences love to read. However, if you succeed in creating content that people want to share, you’re getting the maximum out of content marketing. As we live in a digital age where everything is connected, just one ground-breaking post can be enough to propel your brand into the global spotlight.

8. Keeps People Coming Back for More

The content you post enables you to establish a relationship with your readers. If your visitors find your content engaging and educative, they will begin to consider you as a trustable resource. The more engaging your content is, the better it is for your brand. The ultimate aim should always be to form a loyal follower base around your content. Quality content will always give people a reason to come back to your website.

9.  Establish Your Brand as an Industry Expert

Although this one is obvious and has already been discussed in the article, it’s a chance for us to further elaborate. The main reason why a potential customer is on your website is to see if your firm has the ability to solve their problem and if you offer something that others don’t. Your visitors find the answers to these questions through your content.

Brands prove their credibility to consumers through their content. With every new blog, video or e-book you post, you’re reinforcing the image of your brand as an industry expert in the minds of the consumers. If you’re regularly putting out quality content, even the leads that do not end up converting into sales will regard you as an expert in your field.

10.  Provide Value with No Strings Attached

Content value is also an effective way to provide value to your end-users without any strings attached. The majority of businesses only help customers who are actively purchasing their goods or services. While this may seem like a smart move, it can have an adverse effect on a business’s ability to draw new customers and establish relationships with their leads. By creating and distributing quality content, you are offering value to consumers without asking anything in return. This creates goodwill for your brand and enhances your business’s ability to engage customers that aren’t ready to buy yet.


Quality content is a gift that keeps on giving.  A number of marketing strategies have come and gone. Some have even produced temporary spikes in leads and traffic. However, few have endured the test of time. Content marketing is a tried and tested strategy. Just invest in content marketing and see how your brand goes from strength to strength.


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