5 Signs Your Company Needs to Go Digital

5 Signs Your Company Needs to Go Digital

In the current business climate, putting together a team of skilled marketers capable of developing, maintaining, and executing effective digital marketing campaigns is a bare necessity for success. However, most businesses simply do not have the resources to put together a dedicated team of marketers that can compete with large companies and industry leaders.

The solution? Most businesses turn to digital marketing agencies that engage in online marketing campaigns on their behalf. These professionals take the load off businesses and use their expertise to ensure your company stays ahead of all the changes happening in the digital world while bringing in valuable traffic.

According to a study published by Pew Research, 79% of consumers in America shop online. This means that if your company is still following a brick and mortar model of business, it won’t be long before you’re forced to close your digital front doors.

Partnering with a qualified marketing agency that provides digital marketing services such as SEO and content creation is the most effective way of driving sales online. In this blog, we’ll list 5 signs that indicate your company needs to go digital today.

Sign #1: You Don’t Possess the Required Skill Set

Most businesses – regardless of industry – already have their hands tied with other pressing issues and there’s simply not enough time to delegate such tasks to employees. Add to that the fact that digital marketing requires a unique set of skills, experience, time, and knowledge – all of which a digital marketing agency possesses.

Digital marketing in and of itself is a wide field that includes marketing areas such as development, design, search engine optimization rankings, campaign optimizations, content creation, social media advertisement, Google AdWords and much more. It’s almost impossible for one person to possess the required knowledge of each key area.

This issue doesn’t take into account how digital marketing methods continually evolve and how search engine rankings on popular search engines continue to change. It’s the job of a digital marketing agency to keep up with the changing trends and lend their expertise to businesses allowing them to focus on what really matters.

Sign #2: There’s Not Enough Time

If you find yourself already juggling email marketing campaigns, managing social media posts, and carrying out website updates in addition to your other business priorities, chances are, you’ve spread yourself too thin. Digital marketing requires the proper time and effort and if you’re sloppy with the targeting, wording, timeliness, and budget allocation, then be prepared to welcome a poor ROI.

As a business owner, it’s important to be realistic and know your limitations. You might try to rearrange your priorities but some aspect of the business will end up suffering. In today’s world, most industries have reached their saturation point in terms of suppliers and customers are now looking for quality rather than quantity.

So if there just isn’t enough time, find a digital marketing agency that can do it for you.

Sign #3: You Have a Limited Marketing Budget

Having a limited marketing budget is indicative of two scenarios: either you fail to understand the importance and impact of digital marketing which is why you’re allocating a small budget or your limited profits are holding you back.

In either case, working with a digital marketing agency is the answer. It may be hard to believe, but if you sit down and calculate the costs of undertaking a digital marketing effort yourself versus hiring an agency, you’ll find that the cost of hiring an agency is far less. Outsourcing your online marketing efforts saves you from the costs of hiring people, training them, the time required for hiring and training, and even then there’s no guarantee of success.

On the other hand, digital agencies have the required expertise and not only that they also offer scalable services. This means that you’ll be charged according to the size and scope of your marketing campaigns and just as your business grows so will the digital marketing services.

Limited Marketing Budget

Sign #4: Your Competition is winning

Unfortunately, it’s only when the competitors begin to dominate online do companies realize how much potential businesses they’re losing out on. It’s also a sign that they realize the importance of investing in digital marketing efforts and have already partnered up with a competent agency.

According to Smart Insights, businesses that show up on the first page of search results managed to snatch 92% of all consumer traffic, so if you’re not there on the first page, it means your competitors are.

Customers make purchasing decisions online based on the Instagram page they have visited, a video they’ve seen, or a blog they’ve read somewhere. If your business isn’t investing in digital marketing efforts – whether they are SEO, social media strategy, or paid ads – then you’re practically handing over potential business to others!

Sign #5: Your Website Desperately Needs an Update

The website acts as the face of a brand and it’s the place where potential clients go to if they’re interested in your business. As such, your website should have useful information; it should be visually pleasing, and highly responsive. Whether you like it or not, your website is a gauge through which prospective clients will judge your business. A well optimized and easy to navigate website helps in generating real revenue.

According to a study carried out by Kissmetrics, nearly 40% of consumers will abandon a webpage that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This means that no matter how attractive your website is if it’s not optimized, a significant chunk of people will leave immediately.

Additionally, Google considers page loading times as a crucial ranking factor and favors websites that have fast loading times.

And there you have it!

5 signs that your company is need of partnering up with a qualified digital marketing agency. And while we’re on that topic, allow us to suggest the perfect candidate. Devebyte is a digital marketing agency Edmonton, Alberta that offers a range of services including Web development, SEO, Content creation, and much more! Contact us today for more information.

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