Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads Using These Smart Techniques

Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads Using These Smart Techniques

Canadians are some of the most active Facebook users in the world. In fact, they share a total of over 1.5 billion pieces of content monthly.

This shows that using Facebook as a marketing platform will help your business grow and get more exposure.

You might already be using Facebook marketing adequately, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Let’s talk about three smart techniques that can help your business maximize Facebook ROI.

Use advanced location targeting

Facebook has great tools that allow businesses to tailor their ad campaigns based on multiple location variables, including address, city, state, zip, code, and country.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that sell products or services to specific areas, allowing them to target a more relevant audience.

For instance, if your business is running a charity event in Vancouver, you can create an ad to target anyone in the city with a message that ties in to your event.

The more relevant the ad is to your audience, the more likely they are to take action.

Geo-targeting your ad campaign allows for precise spending, which means less budget wasted on advertising your business.

Run ads in specific time periods

Your Facebook business page gives you valuable insights into user behaviour.

The process is fairly straight forward. Open your page, go to the insights tab, click posts, and you’ll see an option by the name of ‘Times,’ which will show the times when your page’s fans are online.

You can increase the budget of your ads for the hours when your fans are most active to increase your reach.

Using this technique, you will be able to make more competitive bids and get maximum returns on your Facebook marketing budget.

This is also useful when you’re advertising your business during holidays like Christmas, when people limit their Facebook usage and only access it at certain times of the day.

Sell the solution!

Businesses often get sidetracked with analytics and lose sight of the most crucial element of their ad: the message!

You have a small window to market your product or services to your audience, so you have to get your basics right.

It’s best to sell an idea—a solution that solves your audience’s problems—rather than simply selling your products or services.

Here’s an illustration:

Product focused ad: Treadmills for sale—Take advantage of these amazing offers!

Solution focused ad: Get in shape. Lose extra pounds with our treadmill. Available for sale!

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