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At Devebyte, We believe in perfecting mobile application design through rigorous testing and quality assurance before entering the development phase. This can be broken down into the following stages:


How involved you wish to be in the creative process is completely up to you. Whether you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in a mobile app or you need to lean more on our expertise to develop a killer concept, we will focus on market feasibility with rigorous competitive research and user base analysis.


After deciding on one or more concepts, we will begin to map out the user interface and functionality using tried and tested UX principles to outline the various design elements.


Once we are satisfied with the wireframes, we will develop a prototype in which all possible user interactions and inclinations will be scrutinized to ensure maximum usability.


When all UI and UX elements have been finalized, we will proceed to add the finishing touches to the wireframes to present exactly what your mobile application will look like across all devices.


Our meticulous design process ensures that development is completed efficiently having mapped out every last detail of design and functionality prior to implementing the appropriate code.


Devebyte offers our clients native application development in Objective C and Java for both major mobile operating systems to achieve a device-specific look and feel.

We also offer cross-platform development for a more efficient development process if you are more concerned with a speedy release for your mobile app that can be accessed across all platforms.

Whatever your mobile needs, we aim first to discover the most appropriate platforms and means of development for you, then ensure seamless entrance into the mobile space.

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